Quality Wood Fencing in Virginia Beach, VA

Buyrningwood Farms Inc is your family owned and operated provider of high-quality custom fencing. We have provided the Virginia Beach area with satisfaction since 1965, and are always ready to provide for more. Whether you want to complement your landscaping, or provide privacy and security, we can offer a beautiful custom made fence for your exact needs. We have a vast library and product selection to choose from and welcome you to view your options. When you are ready, we will be ready for your call.
Residential Fence
Farm Fences

Custom Wood Fencing

At Buyrningwood Farms we are happy to provide you with an endless amount of options for your new fence. Our professional and courteous staff will be ready to assist you in finding the fence that you will love. Here are some fence styles that you can request:
  • Scallop Top
  • Colonial Spike
  • Colonial Point
  • Hounds Tooth
  • Dog Ear
  • Cap
  • Square Lattice
  • Three Board Dog Ear
  • Oval Top
  • Cross Buck
  • Diamond Lattice
  • Rustic Split Rail

Fencing With Your Insurance Company

Our experience and long standing recognition for high quality fencing jobs in Virginia Beach makes us a great choice to work with your insurance company to have your fence repaired. We assure swift communication your insurance company, and will provide a thorough inspection of the damage to make sure your new fence will be built as best as possible.

B.B.B Accredited Staff & High Quality Material

We assure you that only the highest quality materials are used, with a experienced staff that is dedicated to deliver the fence that you will love. We aim to provide the fence in a style that not only looks great but that fits your goals and needs. We do not use contractors and our Better Business Bureau accredited staff will ensure a thorough and careful build of your fence is done. We use only high quality materials and hardware to ensure a durable and long lasting fence.